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Developed with cutting edge technology for the new paradigm of Asian hair coloring

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A Color System to Express Deep Chroma


High chroma color development without using direct dyes

recroma 1.png

Recroma contains increased dye intermediate that polymerize within the hair.


Special formula for clear, pure colors

recroma 2.png

Recroma’s color formulas don’t contain brown which made the shade somber.


Higher infiltration effect makes color formation happens deep inside hair

recroma 3.png

Recroma’s color formulas don’t contain brown which made the shade somber.

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Base is Developed for Effective Coloring and Complete Damage Treatment

L-LC cation base, equipped with the function of texture improvement, damage repair, and high infiltration.

Rich Treatment Ingredient that Act Both Internally and Externally

Repair hair from previous damage for a fine texture and lustrous hair color

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Fashion Line_80g (2)_edited.png
Fashion Line_box (1)_edited.png

RECROMA - Fashion Line

Fashion colors express deep chroma 

Two Key Browns and Nine Hues

recroma 7.png
Color Asian Hair Beautifully
Gray Fashion Line_80g (2)_edited.png
Gray Fashion Line_box (1)_edited.png
Colors for Asian Gray Fashion Hair

RECROMA - Gray Fashion Line

Gray Fashion Line up for bright and deep coloring

Revive Gray Hair with Bright and Clear Expression

recroma 8.png

Selected Ingredients for the Best Protection of Hair and Scalp

Compounded Alkali-catchers - Alleviate irritation 

Glycyrrhizin acid conductor - Doubles the effect as anti-inflammation

Six kinds of natural plant extracts - St. John Wort, Calendula Officinalis, Chamomile Extract, Centaurea Cyanus Extract, Tilia

C-Line_80g (2)_edited.png
C-Line_box (1)_edited.png
Beautiful Colors for Everyone, even Damaged Hair


Exclusive to color-treated hair, formulated minimum amount of alkali

Synchronization with Fashion Line

Natural Oil Ingredients to Improve Hair Luster and Shine

Mineral Oil

Paraffin Oil

Oil Polymer

Can easily adjust the tones between newly grown hair and dyed hair. pH level is set higher and alkali is adjusted to the minimum. Color can be clearly developed and adverse hair damage can be restored.

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