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Hue Gloss

Unfading impressionable vibrant & lustrous hair

Luster of HUE Gloss

  • Infused with botanical essence that magnifies the natural beauty of hair. 

  • Inhibits damages, and promotes intrinsic shine of hair, creating canvas that enhances spectrum of color service.

  • New coloring tool that fosters natural transparency, shine and HUE back into hair. 

  • Liquid oxidative hair coloring product, superior in its ease for color blending an transparency compared to traditional creme type.

  • Gel properties foster operability and permeability with minimal alkali contents.


Gel mixture developed from 1st and 2nd agents

Color Formula

noun_Wall Clock_78761_edited.png

Short Service Time

Due to its gelatinous properties, permeability and maneuverability increased


Low Alkali Content

Over 90% less alkali compared to conventional alkali colors, 60% less compared conventional low-alkali hair colors


Sheer and Luster

27% up in smoothness of cuticles compared to alkali colors, 14% up compared with low-alkali hair colors.

HUE's wellbeing standard

HUE’s Wellbeing Standards

  • Para-phenylenediamine free

  • Ammonia free

  • Silicon free 

Organic and Botanical Ingredients

hue color ingredients.png
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